December 15, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Children's books and beyond...

There are a gadzillion wonderful children's books on bookstore shelves, and choosing just the right one for a certain child can be a challenge. Let's just look at one category of books today - cookbooks for kids, and yes, both boys and girls!

A good cookbook for kids should have many of the same features you'd look for in a regular cookbook: a lay-flat binding, good index, clearly listed ingredients, and especially for kids learning to cook, very explicit directions. For kids under, say eight years old, look for basic recipes for things they already eat and like such as pizza, smoothies, and to encourage a little broader taste, variations on that basic hamburger. Check that there's a balance in recipes for healthy foods and sweets and treat. Consider a specialty cookbook... I wish I could remember the title, but a few weeks ago I saw a beginning Mexican cookbook which included Spanish words for many of the ingredients.

For kids over eight, consider a regular cookbook, perhaps one of the basics such as Fannie Farmer or the Joy of Cooking. Even a few years ago I might not have suggested this, but consider... Some kids really enjoy watching the Food Network and the very idea of celebrity cooks is appealing to them. Many kids just love mess around in the kitchen and their cooking contributions to the family's hectic supper hour are often really appreicated. Kids can become more aware of good nutrition and learn much better eating habits through their own cooking. And, many schools no longer offer any kind of home economics classes at any level, leaving many kids even more at the mercy of the fast-and-fattening.

You'll notice I haven't recommended any specific titles as you really need to puruse any possiblities yourself. BUT, every budding cook should have either a blank book or notebook with plastic filler pages to start their own collection of recipes for family favorites and such. Maybe you could put the first recipe in it yourself!

Anyway, big storm predicted for tomorrow... snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain.. a great day to stay in and cook! Mary

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