January 4, 2006

Wednesday, January 4, 2006
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WHAT are you buying at the grocery store??

Soooo... how are you doing on those resolutions? Did you put losing weight, eating better, or saving money on your list? I hope so, because doing each will help you do all !

You KNOW what losing weight is all about. No matter what miracle this, or gimmicky that you're considering, you KNOW what it'll take. Yup, eating less and moving more! Okay, so how about that "eating better" thing? That will add buying lean and cooking light to your eating less and moving more. AND those four things can add up to serious savings at the grocery store.

Before we get more specific, let's look at just what you are spending your grocery dollars on, and I don't mean just meat, milk and munchies. Are you buying time with pre-pared, pre-cooked foods? Are you buying convenience with mixes and ready-to-eats? Is there an emotional slant to your spending? Are you buying candy for lonely nights and ice cream for empty hours? Are you winning over your kids with the latest snack foods or wooing your husband with a thick steak? Or serving "homemade" not quite made in your own kitchen? You need to think about these things, really, really, REALLY!!

Why? Because to lose weight, eat better and save money, you need to be buying good health, balanced nutrition, and colorful, flavorful foods. No, no! You can't make drastic changes, not all at once! This is where we all seem to fall apart on the resolution keeping: we see our goal out there somewhere and try to make it one mega-leap. One change in one area. Period! A reasonable goal.

So, decide... will you cut back on meats - buying leaner (usually less expensive) cuts, cooking lighter by stewing or simmering, eating less by watching those portions, AND saving money by doing all of these things? OR, maybe you'll buy one bag of apples to substitute for one snack food you usually buy? OR, perhaps you'll get real orange juice instead of an orange "drink" or soda?

Think about it... just one change... Mary