July 8, 2009

Hello Again...

Well, THAT retirement didn't last long, did it? Now don't laugh, but I had a message from God, and it's always best NOT to ignore those!

Several readers got in touch to say they'd miss the blog, which of course was nice. I have no idea how many folks - if anyone -reads my writings here Then, Jenna Russell from the Boston Globe got in touch and we did a lengthy phone interview earlier this afternoon. She seemed so disappointed that her first reading of my blog was intended to be my last post!

So, now, I'm like, all totally fired up again! Stay tuned!!



DesignOnline said...


Alice Goldsmith said...

PLEASE do come back. You often tell us neat things we may have forgotten.
Like the post on BUMBLEBERRY PIE.
We love you Mary.
I just survived my 58th wedding anniversary after two years of being a widow.
Got myself flowers and strawberries. Alice

DesignOnline said...

Yes, Alice, we are very glad Mary is back!

AnnMarie said...

Woohoo! I'm so glad I didn't unsubscribe, just in case. And I got lucky!!! Can't wait to learn more about Maine through you.