March 10, 2009

The Frugal Family Kitchen Book

On SALE now

Just in time for Mother's Day, those bridal showers, summer weddings and so many other spring gift-giving occasions, The Frugal Family Kitchen Book is now on sale for only $10 a copy, post paid!

My Kitchen Book offers valuable nutrition information, time management help, and meal planning guidance as well as plenty of tasty and inexpensive recipes. With tips on setting up the first-time kitchen, reading labels and shopping the various supermarket sections, the spiral bound Kitchen Book is ideal for the experienced shopper as well as the beginner cook. It's perfect for those who are college-bound or for anyone going out on their own.

The FFKB sells for $14.95 at , where you can check out the contents, read excerpts, reviews and such. Our publisher's price of $10 (post paid!), is a bargain and I'd be glad to inscribe any books you order.

In addition, further discounts are available on volume orders (over 100 copies). The Kitchen Book makes a great promotional give-away and can also be used for successful fundraising.

Send your order with a check or money order to Cranberry Knoll Publishers, P. O. Box 1317, Yarmouth, Maine 04096.

Questions?? Feel free to email me at


Alice Goldsmith said...

Mary that sounds wonderful $10. for your book. Mine is falling apart. I have used it so much. I must get a check in the mail. Alice

Alice Goldsmith said...

I got the Kitchen book and was so happy to have it.
Miss you Mary. Now please update us on your blog.