February 29, 2008

This Amazing Internet...

A few days ago a friend suggested that I send a copy of The Frugal Family Kitchen Book to a friend of hers to review on her blog. Now you've got to understand just how circuitous this venture became.

My friend Sabrina lives in Bridgton, about 35 miles from my house, while her friend Myscha lives w-a-y upcountry, near the top of Maine. So, I sent a kitchen book up to Myscha who read it and then e-mailed me with some interview-type questions which I promptly answered, again via email. Of course, pre-internet this all would have taken the back-and-forth forever of snail mail.

So less than a week after I shipped the book north, it had been read, I'd been interviewed, Myscha had put together the review and posted it to her Wisebread blog (http://www.wisebread.com/myscha-theriault). WOW!

And then, Myscha's piece was picked up by The Consumerist website (http://consumerist.com/361662/never-budgeted-before) and who knows where in cyber-space this will all end. It's very exciting!

I hope you'll check both these links, as far beyond The Frugal Family Kitchen Book connection, both sites have a great deal of information to offer.


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