December 13, 2005

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Narnia's Greatest Temptation Treat - Turkish Delight!

Have you seen the new Narnia movie yet? Are the special effects as spectacular as the reviews say? My kids and I read the seven books again and again when they were growing up; we even named our beloved collie Aslan! I'm way wicked psyched to see the movie!

The Turkish Delight recipe I found in an old candy cookbook in the early '70's is basically a very sturdy, orange-flavored gumdrop coated in confectioners' sugar. No candy thermometer is required, and with supervison, this is a kid-making easy recipe. For the recipe, please go to our website (There is an underline mark _ between turkish and delight)

Another terrific recipe (to make, to eat, and to give) for kids (of all ages) is the oven baked caramel corn in The Frugal Family's Kitchen Book. This caramel-coated popcorn-and-peanuts mix (yes, similar to Cracker Jacks), is simple to make, makes a big batch, and needs no candy thermometer! (If you're getting the idea that I don't like to use that candy themometer, you're right!)

The very best thing I've found to pack this caramel corn in is the white cardboard boxes with the wire handles, such as Chinese take-out food comes in. But no matter what you put it in, don't forget the prizes! I always made this with the boy and girl scout troops I had, and they had such fun doing it! Email me at if you don't have the cookbook and would like the recipe.

Well, this has definitely put me in mind of good children's books, so let's look at some ideas tomorrow. If you have a brother-sister combo to gift, have I got a great idea for you! See you tomorrow. Mary


Mary Webber said...

Great, I just love reading this!

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